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~ Bismillahirrahmannirrahim ~

Pertama-tamanya nak bersyukur ke hadrat Allah swt serta selawat dan salam buat junjung baginda Muhammad bin Abdullah.

Hari ni saje je nak post assignmnet course FIE (Fundamental Islamic Economics). Sir Asmy suruh cari pasal normative statement in Al-Quran. Normative Statement ni bermaksud, satu assumption statement contoh, "You should not commit riba..." Just assume benda tu, bukan satu yang jelas. Benda yang kita perlu kaji untuk tahu lagi detail dsb. Jadi bacalah.

Fundamental Islamic Economics
Muhammad Khairuddin Bin Ahmad
Section 7


“ you should not commit zina.....” (Al – Isra’ : 32)

Seems like this word are very familiar wih us. Most of us know about this verse. But how much people take the verse seriously and make use of it?

Let we look what happen nowadays. Just take a scope from our country only. Statistics of child born without status that had beed announce by Syed Hamid Albar in parliment from 2001 to 2009 is 241 711. If we count it properly, 3 child will be born in the range of 1 hour. So, do you see it what happen nowadays? Contradict to the verse that Allah had revealed to us. It shown evethough Allah just give us a statement to assume but the impact if we ignore the statement clear. If we talk back about the child born without status, the 241 711 is those who registered the baby to hospital or any other clinic. But how about child that had been thrown away to the river or had been buried by his/her own mother because want to hide their false? Can be equal or can be more than that.

Imam Ahmad had eloborate about the zina which is “ every adam child had a sins, zina for eyes is looking for unapproriate things, zina for ears is hear that not suppose to hear, hand that touch a things that permissible, legs is going to the place that prohibited by Allah and heart is thinking about someone we like that not mahram for us”

If we look at the hadith properly, we can understand how the zina start, it can’t be a man commit zina with a women without knowing her. It must be a starting point that make the zina happen except the man pay for a prositute. It start with heart, then trying to had a meeting with the girl, then start another role play, at last, lost in their own world.

In another verse also stated that in surah Al-Jaatsiyah verse 23 : “have you see a person who make his desire as his GOD, Allah let him ....” . From this verse, it shown, that people who makes the desire as a god. Its, really truth in the meantime. Many people ignore verse from Allah and just take what they want. Just live like everything what they want without thinking about the effect. At last, feel dissapointed for everthing happened. Such women who commit zina, after the baby born, and the guy run away, feel like want to kill herself and meaningless living in this world.

Other than that, woman should wear an approriate dress or do not extrvargant in wearing if walk out from her house like in surah Al-Ahzab verse 59 : “O Muhammad, tell to your wives, your daughters and others mu’min wives : They should wear a hijab to whole over their body....” . But nowadays, many woman not wearing an appropriate dress such wearing fit shirt showing her body shape and something else. It is one of the element that make zina happen. Thats why Allah s.w.t. tell us to should not commit zina ever near with it, if we commit with it, it will destroy our society like what happen nowadays.

We cannot blame for every mistake to the women, man also must to understand and take for granted what happen and what Allah ask us to do. For man also, Allah had give a guideline to avoid from zina which in Surah An-Nur verse 30 : “O pious people, you should preserve your eyes and your faraj” . Man also must to avoid from looking unappropriate thing that related to women and also preserve their faraj from everything that can increase his syahwat.

What we can take from the verse is, Allah has given us a guideline to follow but human itself didn’t follow it. What they do is just ignore what Allah revealed. Feel like their choice is the best. Normative statement that Allah show to us make us to think that Allah said in Al-Quran many time such in surah Ali-Imrah verse 190 : “For human to think”. Allah want us to think to make us get an ultimate understanding of a situation. Wallahu’alam.